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Customer Comments

Courtnay of Connecticut

"My 5 yr old daughter Taylor showed Leadline this year at 11 horse shows. We knew we needed a durable and comfortable option for her to wear in the showring that would still fit well and grab the judges attention. We were very pleased to find Champ pants for her as an alternative to restrictive and hot chaps. Taylor loved putting them on and they looked like new after 42 classes this season." 

Patricia of Wyoming

"Due to my physical limitations, I have a very difficult time getting into my chaps at the shows, let alone mount on my horse. I bought a pair of custom champ pants after a show friend recommended them. They fit me perfect and are so comfortable to ride in!"    

Joelle of Rhode Island

"The champ pants that you made us for Worlds were great! They fit just like my Fits breaches. Very comfortable and I didn't have the worry of having to buy chaps to go over show pants. My only regret is that I didn't have bling put on them. I'd take another pair any day. Beige this time."

Jessica of Massachusetts

" I LOVE MY CRYSTAL CONCHOS! They are so pretty!" 

Sarah of Michigan

"Love my champ pants! Hope to get a colored pair this year!"

Stacey of Washington

"The overall shape of the pants are great. They are really comfortable." 

Nancy of Oklahoma

" I bought my twin daughters each a pair of champ pants last year for their leadline classes." It was so much easier to get the kids dressed for their classes. Thanks for making show morning easier!"

Alyssa of Connecticut

"I absolutely love my champ pants! They are so comfortable and they don’t slide around while I am riding. The pants are perfectly fitted and are very easy to take on and off. Regular chaps are such a struggle to put on in a hurry, but the champ pants take no time or effort. They definitely stand out and draw attention towards you in the show ring with the full leg crystals. I decided to buy the leg crystals & crystal conchos and Jen was excellent to work with. I can definitely recommend these to anyone."

Joanne of Texas

"I love my champ pants! They are so comfortable! I have received lots of great compliments from the judges at my shows! Thanks Windsong Western Show Apparel!"

Meg of New Hampshire

"I absolutely love my champ pants!!! They are comfortable enough to wear all day." 

Kerryn of Queensland, Australia

"A huge thank you to Jenn and Windsong Western Show Apparel! My Champ pants are fantastic & I can't wait for the show season to start! I cannot say enough about your wonderful customer service and extremely quick shipping times (to Australia!).

I will definitely be back for more colours"

Angie of West Virginia

"They fit like a glove :)" 

Lynne of Ohio

"They fit my daughter like a glove! I am so excited to have her wear them at the AAYHS next week!!"

Paula of Oregon

"We are super excited. They will be perfect while riding. I cannot wait to get you some pictures. Many thanks again!!"

Summer of North Carolina

"OHHH MYYY I love my champ pants! They fit perfectly! Now to get my western horse to where I can show him and wear them!! Woo Hoo. Thanks so much." 

Rochelle of New Jersey

" OMG!!! We got them!! They fit perfectly and she loves them!!!!"

Annette of Iowa

"I got my order, LOVE them, thanks"

Ashley of Alabama

"They fit great! I was really pleased with them!"

Dianna of Texas

"Pants fit like a Champ! Couldn't fit any better than if I had custom measured them. Much lighter weight than what I thought, so they should be awesome this summer in Texas!"

Lynne of Ohio

"Keegan did great at the show, bringing home 5 ribbons. :) everyone loved her champ pants!"

Leanne of Queensland, Australia

"Very Excited to show in them!"

Evelyn of Australia

" I wore my Champ Pants today, i must say they are very comfortable to ride in. I think they looked good too. Had a few people say they looked good."

Sharon of Missouri

" My daughter wore one of her pairs the first time this weekend. She usually fights me wearing chaps. Not this time. Her response...'Mom, I love these, they are so comfy.'"

Karen of Michigan

" Just wanted you to know that I received the champ pants today, perfect timing we decided to go to a show this weekend. Thanks a bunch."

Heidi of Alberta, Canada

" Got my pants and they are totally awesome!!!!! Thank you!!"

Trish of Maine

"Love them thank you!"

Jennifer of Pennsylvania 

" They arrived today and fit TERRIFIC! We are SO pleased with them. She's so happy not to have to fight with zippers! Thank you SO much!"

Melanie of Massachusetts 

" I just finally tried on my new Champs and they are PERFECT!!! Thank you SO much! I love the snaps, too! I can't wait for show season now, but it's so far away..."

Lynn of Alberta, Canada

" I just picked them up, tried them on and they fit great !! I love them!!"

Kari of North Dakota 

" I love how comfortable they are! I had trouble with cueing my horse with pants and heavy chaps before. But now she is so much more responsive to my leg cues. My granddaughter wants a pair too and she's only 8 years old! smile emoticon I have gotten many compliments on them."

Ailis of Welington, New Zealand

"WOW !!!!! Pants arrived today - fit is AMAZING ! Can't wait to try them out in the saddle! Thanks so much!"

Lisa of North Carolina

"They are perfect!!"

Pam of Connecticut

" Got my pants today and omg, I love them! They fit so good!"

Belinda of Victoria, Australia

" They are great! Thank you so much . Really looking forward to showing in them!"

Charlene of Nebraska 

" They fit beautifully! Thanks so much!"

Nancy of Georgia

" They are beautiful and the workmanship is great! I love the Champ Pants. They are so comfy "

April of B.C. Canada

" I got my champ pants yesterday. They are so fantastic!"

Wanda of Ohio

" my champ pants came today! Thanks so much!! They're cool, can't wait to try them in the saddle, they fit pretty well too:):)! "

Lisa of Colorado

" Fit is great! "

Suzie of Ohio

" Received the pants...I like em! "

Kristi of Oregon

" LOVE my champs!!! "

Rebecca of Connecticut

" They fit great! I can only assume they will still be super once I am on my horse. Thank you! "

 Heather of Connecticut

"Love my pants. They are great. Thanks again so much."

Terese of Australia

" they're great! thanks!"

Karin of Austria

" Today the pants arrived... It is so great and wonderful and fits perfect... "

Sharon of Washington

"They got several compliments and I love the way they wear. Happy customer. And I was able to do it all myself! They were really easy, and I love them

Debra of Sask., Canada

" nailed it!!"

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